America Press is Open

What is America Press?

A weblog focused on the reality of the Freedom of the Press and the freedom of the media along with the reality of the bias and the complete lies told to the public.

What is “bias”?

When you fail to present any idea or concept but those that align with your personal feelings about politics or thoughts on how things should be in our world. I, like everyone who is highly political, have biases. All any person can do is strive to be tolerant of others and the very different ideas they have.

Why do you care about the news media, or any of this politic?

A long time ago our press was owned and operated by political parties. The first newspapers that offered fresh & open discussion of real political issues effecting real voting Americans sold off-the-selves in their time. We have no one place to turn in the press or the media or anywhere on the web to be given the whole story. Most people don’t have time to do what I do and consume as much media as I do.

Why focus on America?

I live and work here. I vote here. I have a strong admiration for the principal founding concepts of our country and I see a lot of smart people in America who don’t much care for politics or don‘t much care for facts. Politics ultimately effects us all in some way and knowing the facts, even if you don’t vote or don‘t live here, is important.


High school diploma and check the ‘Some College’ box. My name is Eric. I am 26 and have been engaged with news media observation, to my own end, for probably too long. No journalist intentions in this stage of my life but I am writer, whatever that means anymore. I like to call myself a “citizen source” of news.

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