Liberal Populist

A liberal, sure. First and foremost.

But I’m not running from being labeled a “populist.” Red-baiting doesn’t phase me anymore. Let those who attempt and fail at political understanding call me what they will. I am unashamed.

With the change of a single word in a historical quote from the first American Populist to run for president in 1896 you can sum up everything I have to say about the current condition of the American economy.

“You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns, you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold [credit].”  – William J. Bryan


The cross of the middle class and the working poor should be bore no longer. The whips of old exchanged for bare hands.

This yoke of credit and credit approval has far too long strangled the workforce of America from advancing in social class. The burden by no means stops there. (Jim Cramer the economist & Jon Stewart the comedian)

The very integrity of the American worker has been bought and sold on the open market for far too long. The largest of institutions have had ultimate sway on matters pertaining to them for an age and a day too long.

The era of protectionism has taught us well. No market is isolated. No economy is independent of the strongest economy known to exist. Recent events have shown us this beyond any reasonable doubt.

But the era of ‘deceptionism’ has yet to be fully addressed, or even understood. No industry is without accountability. No private incorporation is fit to process a majority share of any highly successful venture.

I do not support a return to the Gold Standard as those like Congressman Ron Paul who I have much respect for propose. The credit system and the existence of credit lines themselves are not the source of the crown of thorns. I support instead fully nationalizing and reforming the Federal Reserve and the Federal Exchange Commission.

In the absence of abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service I propose reform into an agency that regulates the bank rating system and monitors the highest echelons of finance with previously unseen vigor and transparency in their actions.

Those who sought to lead us blindly into these days cannot be trusted. Those who hide the truth become party to a much greater misdeed. We cannot afford to stand silent any longer in the need for a truthful news media.

To those who came before us in days of Vietnam. We say to them we have seen your sorrows and known your pain. But we are not shedding blood nor issuing violence as our battering ram against authority.

We demand recognition that our tools are by the words, protests and non-violent actions. Choked of our very means of ways by the ever-expanding, all powerful monopolies across our markets. Let all who allowed this to transpire as such come only but to apologize before the public.

Let the regulators who took part in this only shamefully resign. Let the business leaders who did nothing to tell of the coming recession when many Americans, including myself and my father, were fully aware of its coming onslaught only plead for willingness to allow them near our political structure.

I say these words as member of the Progressive Movement and a registered Democratic voter in California. Let us never forget the modern progressive, or alternatively the modern liberal, was forged in the first Progressive Reform Movement of one hundred years past. And the Populist Movement stands the father of the Progressive.

While we do not resemble our forerunners we are much the same as they. There is no tolerance for absolutism in control over the means to obtain success and prosperity.


2 comments on “Liberal Populist

  1. Tom Awtry says:

    I’m in agreement with much you have authored, but wondering if you feel President Obama is taking on to many issues in a very short time (50 days) or if you feel the Obama is either addressing these pressing either to fast or not fast enough?

    or here:

  2. I fall on the ‘not fast enough’ category but do not believe it a matter that I need voice often these days. Action over inaction. If Obama continues to take the steps and measures I have witnessed thus far then I will remain pleased and not urge for any change of pace on my end.

    Beyond that, I believe that understanding politics comes from understanding humanity and place almost every action Obama has taken in the past 50+ days as clear evidence of just this.

    I find it truly refreshing to have a President who at least appears to have a grasp of complex issues effecting us all everyday.

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